“So gorgeous!”: Eva Longoria at the Oscars in a translucent dress with a deep neckline

Eva was sure she looked perfect that evening!

Eva Longoria was also present at the 95th Oscars. The actress appeared in an absolutely gorgeous dress with a daring neckline.

The actress is rarely invited to red carpets and social events, but whenever she appeares at any of them, she always shines on the red carpet. Eva worked on every detail of the dress together with her stylist. This time she was wearing a champagne-colored Zuhair Murad dress that perfectly suited her. The bohemian dress instantly caught the attention of all the photojournalists.

The maxi skirt was good after being lower virtually to the navel. The designer, recognized for his beautiful outfits, managed to maintain her steadiness on a slim line and left nothing else to spoil the boldness of the outfit.

Eva posed for the photographers absolutely conscious of her perfection for the night.

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