“Fell down in front of the star”: Lady Gaga rushes to help the fallen photographer on the Oscars red carpet

Fans praised the kindness of the celebrity

36-year-old singer and actress Lady Gaga appeared on the red carpet of the 95th Oscars. Despite being busy filming “Joker”, the star found some time to attend the event.

She appeared wearing a long black dress with translucent upper part. Lady Gaga complemented her look with a silver necklace and bracelet. Her makeup was daring but not too heavy.

Lady Gaga was walking the red carpet when one of the many photographers fell down, whle trying to take a close-up photo of the star. The siger noticed the accident and rushed to offer her help to the photographer. She helped him get up and assisted to walk a little.

The fans of the Grammy Award-winning artist praised her for her good deed and kindness.

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