“Model with the most unusual shapes”: What this woman looked like before plastic surgeries

Now she feels pretty

Allegra Cole has always dreamed of being a model. Nonetheless, she didn’t take into account herself attractive enough for this profession. Allegra didn’t like anything about herself. Subsequently, in her thirties, she first opted for plastic surgery.

After the first surgery, she fell right into a sort of addiction. Allegra changed everything on herself. After 6 plastic surgical procedures, Cole looked completely different. She has an enormous bust and simply enormous shapes. However, Allegra is not pleased with herself. The girl is about to bear one more surgery to realize the appearance of her dreams.

Recently, an uncommon picture of Allegra from her past spread on the Internet. Followers finally saw what the woman looked like before her plastic surgeries. Cole was really a gorgeous girl.

However, she has already become a “monster”, as her followers refer to her. No matter what, Allegra is now happy and self-confident. She feels pretty.

And what do you think about her changes?

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