“Why did she decide on this?”: The life of the woman who became a mother at 66

She never regretted her decision

Adriana Iliescu’s dream to be a mom made her a character famous all around the world. She was already 66 when her daughter Elisa was born.

Adriana had devoted her life to her career, got a PhD and got married. Nonetheless, her husband didn’t want to have children. Iliescu spent her entire life dreaming of a child, but she never made up her mind.

Only in her 60s did Adriana decide to have a child. She could not have children in a natural way and had to do an IVF. After several attempts, she finally managed to have a child.

9 months later, a healthy girl was born. She is now 16 years old and Adriana is 82 years old. Elisa doesn’t care about her age, though her classmates usually mock her for that. 

Adriana doesn’t regret her decision in any respect and hopes to live to see her grandchildren.

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