“What unbelievable changes!”: New photos of handsome Tom Cruise are heartbreaking

Legends are also powerless against time!

Tom Cruise’s filmography is really spectacular. The actor performs severe dramatic roles and is amazing in action movies. For years, his name has been synonymous to high quality cinema.

Furthermore, female fans have always been obsessed with this handsome actor. Tom Cruise has always been famous for his look. his attractive appearance is the results of hard and cautious work.

However, everyone changes over time. Sadly, we’re powerless against time: at 61, he continues to act in movies. Cruise is doing everything possible to keep fit. It is as if he was continuously going to the hairdresser. But it surely all appears futile.

And the new photos of the actor are really heartbreaking! The years have clearly done their job. Tom Cruise has aged and plastic procedures cannot help. 

The actor can’t cover his many wrinkles and age-related changes. His fans will always stay loyal to him, no matter his appearance or age. We should accept him for his great talent and who he really is, not for his appearance. 

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