“1990 vs 2023”: What the actors of cult movie “Problem Child” look like now

Do you remember this movie and the actors?

The movie “Problem Child” was released 33 years ago and it immediately gained world-wide fame. The story of the little boy named Junior kept everyone entertained, and the movie was appreciated both by adults and children. The movie is still cherished and loved after so many years.

It is hard to believe that a lot of time has passed after the release of the film and all the actors have aged considerably. Let’s see how much the lovely actors have changed.

Junior – Michael Olivier

Trixie Young – Ivyann Schwann

Ben Healy – John Ritter, Flo, Annie Young – Amy Yasbeck

Big Ben Healy – Jack Warden

Igor Peabody – Gilbert Gottfried

The actors have changed beyond recognition, haven’t they?

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