“Follower of natural aging”: Fans noticed Drew Barrymore already aged and withered

The actress refuses to undergo any plastic procedures

It is not a secret that almost all Hollywood stars repeatedly visit cosmetologists to improve their appearance. However, the costs keep raising, and not all celebrities are ready to undergo plastic surgeries or have Botox injections. One of these stars is Drew Barrymore. The actress is against all kinds of fake beauty procedures, and wants to age naturally.

Recently, Drew was noticed wearing several layers of makeup, which didn’t receive the expected positive feedback from the general public. The reason is, that the heavy makeup drew everyone’s attention to the deep wrinkles of the actress. Some of her fans expressed their concern, claiming that the actress had aged significantly.

In general, Drew Barrymore is a follower of natural aging and has chosen not to undergo any beauty procedures to change her appearance. While many people criticize her for not taking care of herself, others applaud her for embracing her true self and being a role-model for many women.

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