“And People scold younger celebrities”: Bold and seductive photos of young Sophia Loren have appeared on the Internet

Gorgeous photos of the true icon of her time

People like criticizing and gossiping about others, although it is their private life and they can do whatever they want. However, there are also those who publicly reveal their personal life and secrets with some spicy pictures.

Such photos instantly receive comments on how women should be modest and pure. Nonetheless, let’s not forget that such “attention-grabbing” photos have always existed, no matter the era. And famous stars have only recently decided to publicly show off their seductive photos.

There are also stars, who were never afraid to publicly show off their attractiveness and individuality.

Check out these gorgeous photos of the true icon of her time – Sophia Loren!

What’s the difference between these photos and the ones that modern celebrities post nowadays?

And here are special photos for the women who wish to be photographed with unshaven armpits. These photos of Sophia Loren have inspired millions of women.

Do you think this is elegant or not?

Sophia Loren has always aroused admiration towards her and fashion icons have always accepted her as a role-model.

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