“Forgot to wear soemthing”: “Miss World” Priyanka Chopra appeared in a bold outfit at Fashion Week

The spouses look so cool together!

The Indian actress and model Priyanka Chopra appeared at the Paris Fashion Week accompanied by her husband Nick Jonas. The model looked amazing!

The winner of the “Miss World 2000” made a brilliant appearance on the red carpet. The star chose a completely pink outfit with a cape and a deep neckline. The color perfectly suits the model’s tanned skin. Priyanka refused wearing a bra, which was a part of her outfit.

Chopra let her hair down and styled it in smooth waves. Evening make-up showcased Priyanka’s pure beauty. This time, she opted for Bulgari jewelry.

Her husband didn’t lag behind and also appeared in a stylish suit. The suit was covered in the same patterns as Priyanka’s cape.

The couple posed for the cameras for a while and the photojournalists didn’t miss the chance to capture the couple’s unusual look on cameras.

Followers of the model and the singer were delighted with their photos. “No extra photoshop, pure beauty!”, “How cool they both are, you can’t take your eyes off them”, “That is what I get, they complement each other”, “Simply the right couple , cheer!” bloggers write.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are raising their daughter Malti. The lady was hospitalized for 100 days within the intensive care unit after she was born. Doctors fought for his life.

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