“She was a supermodel?”: How much Tyra Banks has changed since the 90s!

Let’s go back to the 90s!

For actors and models, it is the worst thing to lose the attractiveness that their fans and followers adore so much. But it is also another reason to retire and take some time for themselves.

Now, let’s go back to the 90s and talk about one of the most beautiful stars on that time – Tyra Banks.

The first black model on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk was Tyra Banks. At that time she was only 17, and nobody believed she would be successful in that career. The incredibly beautiful and charismatic model filmed for the first time in 1990, Paris, and stunned everyone with her distinctive look.

Seven years later, Victoria’s Secret took a curiosity in her and named her the face of the model for eight years in a row. Nonetheless, uninterested in the grueling schedules, calls for, diets and exercises, Tyra ventured into the world of TV, where she also found great success.

It was she who designed and carried out one of the most important in style packages on the planet, America’s Next Top Model. She realized that she was multi-talented, conquered the media scene, published a number of books and started to make parades on the catwalks.

Now the supermodel has changed a lot. She has gained weight, lost half her hair and, at 47, appears almost 60! Nonetheless, her loyal followers still adore the woman saying that although she hasn’t cared much for herself, she still looks amazing. 

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