“Stunning Twins”: Here are the popular twins that look different from each other

One loos like her father, and the other is the copy of her mom

These twins are Millie and Marcy. Doctors and parents claim, that they looked identical at first, but their appearance started changing over time. One of the twins has darkish skin color, different eyes and hair color. While the other one has light skin color, fair hair and different eye color. The second girl hasn’t changed after her birth.

Many people find it difficult to believe that the girls are actually related. But the main reason of their differences, is that their parents are of different nationalities.
They are both incredibly beautiful and have lovely personalities.

Amanda and Michael’s families were  against their marriage at some point. However, the couple never paid much attention to the criticism and in the end got married.

One day, a photographer noticed the twins and the parents on the street and wanted to take a photo of them. Thanks to the photos, the twins became popular all over the world.

Soon many modeling agencies and brands got interested in the girls and wanted to work with them.

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