“He has gained a lot of weight!”: “The Mummy” star Brendan Fraser has alarmed his fans with new photos

The man had some health problems and was about to quit his career

The actor has completely changed his appearance for Darren Aronofsky’s film “The Whale”. A Twitter user has posted some photos of the actor on the set.

The film is part of the official lineup of the 79th Venice International Film Festival, which runs from August 31 to September 10. The actor’s head is all that’s seen in the movie posters, however it’s already apparent that he has completely reworked into the main character.

Keith narrates the story of Charlie, a person who gained as much as 270 kg because of binge eating and the breakup with his fiancée. Ellie, the protagonist’s 17-year-old daughter, is upset with him for betraying his family and the protagonist tries to fix fences along with her.

“I’m not trying to be humble, I expect your admiration”, says the actor about his appearance in the film.

It must be known that Brendan Fraser has put on a lot of weight not too long ago on account of accidents and private points he had while filming The Mummy. This wasn’t all the time the case, although, since his excellent form all through his early life made many people jealous.

The actor had an athletic body when he was young.

Brendan Fraser had some weight problems and was about to quit his job.

Think about the time in the actor’s life when there wasn’t a lot employment. He dove headfirst into every challenge and suffered main accidents on the third “Mummy” filming set, with a damaged rib, an intervertebral disc rupture, knee, and voice wire harm. Up until 2015, Brendan spent a lot of time in hospital to improve his health. This is without doubt one of the components contributing to the actor’s sudden weight gain, as was known before.

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