“Time spares no one!”: The actor of Caledon Hockley from Titanic 25 years after the release of the film

He is still the favorite of his loyal fans!

American actor Billy Zane reached the pick of his popularity after his role in “Titanic” in 1997. Apparently, the man became the hottest man in the eyes of thousands of people not only for his charismatic and handsome appearance, but also his amazing acting skills. Fans went crazy both for Caledon and the main hero Jack.

The wealthy, selfish and really handsome Caledon Hockley raised the actor to new heights. However, when fans compare the current Billy Zane with the one from “Titanic”, they notice incredible changes in his appearance. Time spares no one!

Zane has changed beyond recognition, gained some weight and lost some hair. He is no longer the wealthy and highly effective fiancé from the legendary movie.

Billy was a real playboy 25 years later and had many similarities with his character Caledon. But the already 56-year-old actor is nothing like his past self. However, Billy still remains the same masculine and brutal man.

The actor feels completely free and happy in his appearance and keeps appearing in new films and on red carpets.

Billy’s new look hasn’t changed the admiration that his fans had towards him back in the 90s. He is still the favorite of his loyal fans.

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