“Aged Beyond Recognition”: “Dumb and Dumber” actor Jeff Daniels in present

The actor has starred in over 50 films!

Around 30 years ago, one of the most famous comedies of the 90s was released, starring a number of talented actors. But today we are going to talk about only one of the characters – Harry, and the actor who played the role.

Jeff Daniels i one of the most famous Hollywood actors. Already from the dawn of his career in the 80s, the actor mostly received the main roles. “Dumb and Dumber” became his best effort, which helped him advance further in his career.

As a child, Jeff had never shown any potential of a talented actor. Right after high school he enrolled in college, where he made his debut. The theatrical world interested him so much that he even determined to drop out of his faculty to pursue a career in acting.

The man is already 68 years old and has acted in over 50 films. Even today he continues appearing in films and movies as the main character.

Daniel is well-known for his appearances not only in “Dumb and Dumber,” but also in “The Martian” as Teddy, and in the movie “Looper” as Abe.

However, Daniels is well-known for more than only his roles. The actor tried his hand at directing and screenwriting, however his movies weren’t effectively perceived. Jeff is also a musician; he writes and performs his own songs. If you wish to see the actor nowadays, we recommend the movies “American Rust” and “Guest Artist,” where he plays the main characters.

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