“Woman to lose 352kg of weight!”: Here is what she looks like now!

Incredible los-weight story!

Though Nikki Weber is only 34 years old, she has been chubby all her life because of her irresistible urge for fast food and sweets.

The woman, as she got older, understood that she wanted to lose some weight and tried inflexible diets. However every time, she gave up very soon and began eating food with lots of sugar and fat. And as soon as she hit 650kg, she understood that she needed to change her life.

Then, Nikki was basically unable to move or get up from bed without help, so she moved in along with her dad and mom since they didn’t view her daughter’s issue as a serious one and didn’t make an effort to encourage her to lea a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, they designed a singular system to elevate meals to her on the second floor.

The TV show “My 600lb Life” came to her aid. Nikki received an invitation to participate in the show. This program encourages and works to help overweight individuals in shedding pounds. The woman underwent a surgery to have her abdomen gotten smaller, and nutritionists developed a customized weight-loss diet for her.

Nikki was fairly anxious and questioned her potential to regulate her urges and if she would achieve success, however her worries had been unfounded. She pulled herself together and overcame her fears. After the process, she lost 198 lbs.

Ultimately, Nikki was able to shed 352kg and had a second process to move further, take away sagging pores and skin that may weigh as much as 55 kilos. Nikki is at 198 kilos, however she shouldn’t be content material with that; she workouts usually and walks rather a lot daily. Nikki herself nonetheless finds it onerous to imagine that she was able to drop weight and rework into a shocking girl main an atypical life.

Nikki and Marcus met in the gym. They instantly fell in love with each other.

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