“Gorgeous Natural Phenomenon”: Child was born with a heart-shaped birthmark

Many people are born with birthmarks and some of them look amazing!

We are gong to talk about a boy who was born with a peculiar but very beautiful birthmark. At first, his father thought it was some kind of dust and tried to wipe it off. However, he very soon figured out it was a mole.

Chinar, the boy, was born with a birthmark that has the shape of a heart.

Chinar is at the moment six years old and well-known among his friends. Everyone wants to take a photo with the boy that has a heart on his forehead.

Doctors have stated, that this mark should disappear when the boy is 6-8 years old. The birthmarks hasn’t disappeared yet, and people admire it as long as it’s there. The boy is a real celebrity in his town.

Nature has tried!

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