“Kids should stay kids!”: Beyoncé’s Daughter Is Being Strongly Criticized

The “adult” way of life at such an early age can have a negative effect on the girl

On January 7, Beyoncé’s eldest daughter celebrated her birthday. Blue Ivy is 10 years old. The celebrity birthday-girl was publicly congratulated by her grandmother, 68-year-old Tina Knowles-Lawson. The woman posted a joint picture together with her granddaughter, which, nevertheless, received strong criticism instead of compliments.

Why is Blue Ivy Carter criticized?

In the photo, the girl poses in a strict way, which shocked the network users. “At 10,looks like a 20-year-old”, “An example of how to not raise a baby”, and “They just deprive her of her childhood,” they write in the comments. Even Tina herself notes that Blue is already acting like a grownup. “Generally I overlook that she is so young,” says the grandmother of the birthday-girl in a congratulatory post.

Many consider that Beyoncé initiates her daughter into the grownup world too early. Recall that at the age of 10, the girl managed to record a kids’ audiobook, star in 5 movies and obtain a Grammy music award for one among them, and likewise launch her clothes line. All these went to her not without the help of her famous mom.

Blue gets what many people can only dream of in her childhood. Star hangouts, a closet stuffed with luxurious garments, billions on a private account, and vibrant appearances on the red carpet on a par with adults. Evidently, she has a private stylist and chef, in addition to security that accompanies her to a college price $30 thousand a year.
Users concluded that adult garments, make-up, and manicures aren’t one thing that must be taught to a 10-year-old child. “Kids should stay kids,” they are saying within the feedback. Many consider that the “adult” way of life at such an early age can negatively affect the girl.

What do you think? Is Beyoncé raising her child correctly? Is it too early for little Blue to grow up?

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