“Started a new life”: Overweight twins have lost a lot of weight together

Now their health is not in danger

Kandi and Brandi have been fighting stress with meals since childhood. The ladies have been usually annoyed by their parents’ lack of consideration and found comfort in sweets. Soon they got addicted. And when the kids grew older, their parents started to feed them fast food, which helped to keep them occupied, so they wouldn’t bother them.

Naturally, this eating method had unfavorable effect. The preliminary points arose at college, when the girls were bullied by their peers. Each of them weighed more than 220 kg as teenagers, and the worst part was that the weight continued to rise.

Kandi and Brandi afterwards had a quarrel with their parents and moved away. They started a new life on their own, which, regrettably, had little impression on their consuming habits.

To assist themselves, the sisters acquired jobs as salesmen, however they didn’t shed extra pounds since they were eating unhealthy meals like fast food, sweet, and sodas. Due to their weight, the women were unable to go to work.

Kandi and Brandi soon decided to start a healthy lifestyle.

They decided to look for help from the well-known TV show «My 600-Lb Life» after they each started to weigh more than 550 kilos.

Because of this, an extended and painful journey searching for health began. The sisters found the best specialists: a dietitian urged an eating regime, and therapists started working with them. Each sister set a weight-loss goal for herself over time. The burden began to fall off. Nonetheless, medical issues required them to shrink their stomachs. Brandi made it via the operation with ease, whereas Kandi almost died on account of her coronary heart downside, however all the pieces labored out ultimately.

The present has ended, however the women proceed to keep up their well being by going to the gym and eating effectively. Brandi even found love, married, and had a baby.

Kandi, alternatively, will not be in a rush to marry; she intends to travel and take pleasure in her new life.

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