“Aging Naturally”: Common app has shown what celebrities would look like in 30 years

Do you think the app is correct?

We draw your attention to these interesting pictures created by AI which managed to cause a huge stir on the Internet.

Just take a quick look into these beautiful actors now and what they would look like in 30 years if they didn’t turn to any plastic interventions.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron rejects any interventions and prefers to get old in a natural way. Now she is 50 years old and in 2022 she returned to Hollywood once more.

Robert Pattison

36-year-old British actor, mainly recognized for Saga “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” might be this a such an old man after 30 years.

Emma Watson

Our precious Hermione!  In all probability everybody who has ever seen “Harry Potter” will miss Emma as a bit good lady acting as one of the best girls of Harry Potter. The actress started her acting career at age of 11, now she is 32.

Timothée Chalamet

The extraordinarily actor, charming, and brave boy began his acting career in 2017, nevertheless, he has already earned “Golden Globe”, “Bafta”, “Oscar” and plenty of different nominees. Isn’t it amazing? And on the right you can see him at an old age, according to AI.

Ann Hathaway

40-year-old Ann prefers a wholesome life. She has never tried any interventions or injections and still looks gorgeous and lovely. It’s hard to imagine her as an old lady.

Woman Gaga

36-year-old singer, songwriter and actress has a really outrageous figure and image. After some failure, she turned as fashionable because it was ever doable. And here is her in 30 years with no interventions.

Drew Barrymore

Natural aging is her vocation. She’s all the time gorgeous and wonderful. The favored app from the NET imagines she will look approximately like this after 30 years.

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