“20 years together”: Christian Bale and his gorgeous wife

They were meant to be together!

When Winona Ryder took a Serbian-origin model as her assistant she couldn’t have imagined that she could become the wife of Christian Bale. Sandra Blažić is a gorgeous woman and the actress wanted to introduce her to her good friend Christian Bale.

Кристиан Бейл об отношениях с женой: "Она любит моих киноперсонажей больше, чем меня"

After the meeting, the actor couldn’t stop thinking her and invited her on a date. They fell in love and after 2 months they rushed to Las Vegas and got married.

Who is Christian Bale's wife Sandra Sibi Blazic, PHOTOS, info

They have been married for over 20 years and are still a formidable and loving couple. They have two children.

Meet Emmeline Bale – Photos of Christian Bale's Daughter with Wife Sibi Blazic

Through the years, Sandra has grow to be Christian’s supervisor, and each time the actor bought an award he claimed that he couldn’t have grow to be such a profitable actor without his wife.

Ljubavna priča Christiana Balea i Sandre Blažić | Celebrity

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