“Daughter surpassed him in height!”: 3,6-ft-tall man married and became a father

They went from an unusual first date to having a wonderful family

James Lusted, a 33-year-old man from the UK, has achieved rather a lot. Although being only 3,6-ft-tall, he gained  fame as an actor and a well-known TV host for the BBC.

James has developed a powerful self-confidence. Instead of hiding because of his height, the man accepted this feature as his greatest feature. He has confidence in himself and might be sure in any circumstance. So he rapidly declared to himself, “She’s going to be my wife,” when he first met Chloe.

An uncommon first date

Chloe and James began dating in the summer of 2014 on a surprising date. Years have passed since that day and now they remember that day with a big smile.

Following their preliminary assembly, the couple had chosen to have dinner in a restaurant. The waiter immediately handed Chloe a menu as she sat down on the same desk as James, who’s as much as 2 ft shorter than her at 5.5 ft. Moreover, her date received a sketchbook and a few pencils. James was mistaken for a toddler by the waiter, who didn’t notice his mistake for a while.

Chloe and James turned so close throughout this cheerful and crammed with laughing and smiles night that they formally introduced their relationship.

Wedding ceremony

James and Chloe exchanged vows in the summer of 2016. About 80 people were invited by the newlyweds for the ceremony, however that quantity instantly elevated by about 2.5 instances.

The unconventional marriage ceremony was attended by lots of media and celebrities. Practically all of Nice Britain’s high newspapers and magazines revealed photos of this celebration the next morning. The family of James and Chloe quickly became famous.

New addition to the family

The Lusted couple realized that they were going to have a new member of the family in 2018. And consequently, they experienced one of the best joys of their life.

James and Chloe began preparing for the child early. They arranged a nursery and spent loads of time searching for child garments.

James, who stands simply 110 cm tall, became a proud father in February 2019. A baby girl was born who was named Olivia.


Olivia was born healthy. She didn’t inherit James’ oddity; thus, she would finally surpass her father in height.

Now the girl is 2 years old. Her parents constantly take her for walks and highway journeys. James steadily brings Olivia to the set because he’s assured she’s going to make an excellent actor. The girl enjoys being captured on digicam and is used to to having them around.

What do you think about James and Chloe’s family? Would you chose your partner based on their height?

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