“Cute Clown Nose”: Girl was born with a unique feature on her nose: What she looks like today

People laughed at her for this unique feature

When Lloyd Connie was born her parents firmly decided to keep their baby despite her uncommon look.

Three-year-old born with 'clown nose' undergoes operationConnie had a big pink mole on her nose which was referred to as a “clown nose.”

Doctors identified it as hemangioma and assured her parents that it will fade away over time. However the years passed and there were no changes at all. So the parents decided to find another answer to the issue.

Op ends 'clown nose' birthmark misery of girl, 3 - Mirror Online

The little girl grew older and older and was mocked for her appearance by her peers. That is why Connie did not have many friends in her childhood. Her parents spent 3 years looking for a specialist who could actually help them. The expert agreed to remove the mole with a surgery.

Zara Green daughter Connie no longer typecast as Rudolph after surgery to remove red birthmark from nose - Mirror Online

The girl’s surgery was an important success and both the parents and the doctor’s efforts weren’t in vain. The results are satisfying and after recovery, the girl looked like any ordinary child.

I was terrified she'd be asked to play Rudolph in the school play': Mother's relief after surgery to remove her daughter's birthmark is successful | Daily Mail Online

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