“Huge age gap”: 83-year-old millionaire marries his 22-year-old girlfriend

The man enjoys the company of much younger ladies

American millionaire James Goldstein likes to take pleasure in life to the fullest. This particularly refers to women. He prefers probably the most beautiful and young ladies. Provided that James is already 83 years old, they’re sometimes taken for his granddaughters. After all, the rich man is criticized by the general public and charged with immorality.

He nonetheless enjoys the company of his young girlfriends. The millionaire appeared to have made the proper decision, too. James has posted an image of his chosen one. Goldstein’s affections are firmly fastened on the tall, blonde beauty. The couple is not ashamed of their huge age gap.

The young girlfriend of Goldstein currently is barely 22 years old. Liza Adamenko, who goes as Liza, was born and grew up in Russia. She is presently an American citizen and a model.

Many people can’t understand why a younger girl would need a relationship with such an old man, who’s 83. Does the lady lack any ethical values? No person questions the chilly calculation behind this relationship, in spite of everything.

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