“Children take the father’s throne”: The children of Jude Law that will outshine their father in future

The young dad is soon going to give way to his children

Jude Law is considered one of the most attractive Hollywood actors of our time.

However, the young dad is soon going to be outshined, and it’s not by anybody else, but his children.

Law has been married twice and had had 5 children by the age of 48.

His elder children are in the spotlight the most. Iris is a model, and Raff is an actor, just like his father. In fact, the two children are the exact copies of their famous father. Fans expect them to eclipse their father with their attractiveness even in the future.

The actor has 3 other children – Ada, Rudy and Sophia. Rudy has also chosen his father’s path to follow and is now an actor.

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