“Miss universe 2021”: Harnaaz Sandhu has gained some weight and changed beyond recognition

It’s really exhausting to please everyone!

Meet Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu is the 3rd Indian model to win the title of “Miss Universe”. It’s a great pride and happiness for a woman to earn this crown, however, sometimes the crown brings some issues as well.

She left behind 79 candidates for victory and became the 3rd Indian woman to earn the title.

After her victory, Harnaaz became a media star and millions of people got interested in her life and every little detail about her.

However, this title also brought about a lot of hate against her. A good number of people started paying attention to the model’s weight-gain. They also started spreading terrible rumors about Sandhu.

As a result the model fell into a deep depression.

“It’s uncommon to not settle for my decision or my appearance after two years from that vogue occasion”, mentioned Sandhu.

Exhausting preparation for the competition has changed her a lot. She worked hard to lose weight for that occasion.

However now she had all rights to reside a traditional life. Fans and followers agree with her and love her. However haters at all times disturb. Yeah, it’s too arduous to please everybody.

All in all depression and massive fame are in the past. Now Harnaaz doesn’t need to change something in her life.

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