“ Chubby Woman With Lovely Eyes!”: Helena Bonham Carter In Her Very First Movie

The young actress quickly gained recognition

Helena Bonham Carter is an actress adored by tens of millions, mostly known for her role as Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter movies. In whole, she boasts over 50 roles in the film industry! Can you imagine!?

Helena began appearing on the big screen in the 80s. For the first time, she starred in an episode in the movie “A Pattern of Roses” in 1983. The woman was noticed very quickly. In 1985, Bonham Carter starred in two films playing the lead roles. We’re talking about the movies “Lady Jane” and “A Room With a View”.

Did you recognize that deer look? The 18-year-old actress looks completely different here.

These are the “corset” roles pursued by the younger artist initially of her profession.

It’s worth mentioning that Helena was such a mode, however she herself assured that it was far more fascinating for her to play loopy characters. She targeted on them in her career.

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