“Heirs of the legendary actor”: The children of Adriano Celentano and what they do

They are all talented and attractive, just like their father!

Millions of fans all over the world have been following the development of Adriano Celentano as an actor and as a man. His professional as well as his personal life has become the main topic of their interest. Everyone wants to find out something new and shocking about the legend and his family.

Let’s get familiar with his children!

Rosita Celentano is the beloved daughter of the actor. She has achieved great heights in TV, song-writing and acting. She has been playing in films since she was 9.

The woman intended to succeed in her life without the help of her parents. And she succeeded!

Giacomo Celentano is the middle child of Adriano Celentano. He used to be a little problematic as a child, but still managed to succeed in his life as well!

Giacomo found himself in singing and acting. He is married and has a son.

And what about the youngest child – Rosalinda Celentano?

Rosalinda is probably the most scandalous child in the family. At some point the woman fell into a great depression and even tried suicide. However, with the help of doctors and psychologists, she very soon recovered and returned to a normal life. She is a famous actress and has played in many well-known films.

Do you think the children look like their father?
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