“As handsome as his father”: Few people have seen Johnny Depp’s son

The young man is not active on social media

Johnny Depp is hardly ever seen in public with his children. Most probably, it’s because they are already old enough to lead their own lives. The actor has 2 children from his affair with Vanessa Paradis. The eldest is a daughter who is already 23 years old.

Lily-Rose is much more famous than her younger brother. She has appeared in a lot of movies. Depp’s son makes far fewer public appearances than his sister.

Jack is already 20 years old, but he’s not active on social media. You can hardly ever come across his photos on media.

And it’s evident from the images that Jack looks so much like his well-known father. On the whole, the star’s children have inherited both their parents’ allure and piety.

What do you think about this young man? Have you even come across him?

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