“He weighed 293 kg at 10!”: The future of the overweight boy named Arya Permano

He wanted to change to achieve his dream!

Arya Permano has liked food since childhood. And because the mother and father didn’t significantly monitor the boy’s weight loss process, his weight started to develop quickly. Moreover, the kid’s meals were very fatty and had high-calories!

Dad and mom sounded the alarm when it grew to become tough for Arya to move around because of extra weight. It was then that they determined that it was time to take their son to specialists. Doctors, after all, instantly helped the kid to go on a strict weight loss diet. In any case, when he stepped on the scales, everybody was shocked: Arya’s weight at the age of 10 reached up to 192 kilograms!

Such a look brought the boy not only physical discomfort, but also mental depression, because soon his friends started to mock him. Then the boy himself decided that it was time to lose some weight.

The boy always wanted to become a football player, so this also helped him stick to his weight-loss plan.  Sadly, the weight loss plan didn’t give good results, after which the doctors decided to reduce Arya’s stomach. After the operation, the weight finally started to change.

Later, sports activities additionally joined the weight loss program, and now it has became easier for the boy to move around, and his temper has improved. So, for 3 years the kid dropped more than 100 kilograms.

Now Arya isn’t any different from his friends, and looks amazing. And most importantly, nothing threatens his health anymore, and he can safely do what he loves – play football.

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