“Woman gave birth at 66”: Here is what the elderly mother looks like 15 years later

She had waited for that baby all her life

Many women delay the second childbirth until they have started a profitable career and and bought their own house.
Nonetheless, many are shocked when women give birth after 60 and 70 years.

One such case is Adriana Iliescu. She couldn’t get pregnant for a very long time. Nothing helped. When Adriana was 65 years old, she realized she was going to be a mother for the first time. Her happiness knew no bounds.

The antenatal clinic doctors tried to warn Iliescu that at such an age there is a huge chance of diseases and unhealthy baby. Apart from that, during such a late childbirth might Adriana may even die.

The woman didn’t even take into consideration terminating the pregnancy. She had been anticipating a toddler for a long time. How could she do something like that? Iliescu gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The childbirth was unproblematic.

At 66, Adriana grew to become a mom for the first time. She tried to spend all her free time together with her daughter. By this time, the girl had already gone on a well-deserved rest, she didn’t have to work. Subsequently, she completely devoted herself to the kid.

The woman didn’t even take into consideration the truth that she had an old mom until the her peers referred to Adriana as her grandmother. Then the child explained them that it was her mom. It’s worth noting that the children didn’t giggle and didn’t bully the girl. They took the information calmly.

Now Adriana is 81 years old, and her daughter is 15. The girl looks like her mom in her youth.

Now the daughter understands that her mom is way older than the moms of her friends, however she isn’t a bit shy about this. They nonetheless spend a lot of time together, chatting, and taking part in different activities.

The story is wonderful, no question about it. Not each lady would decided to give birth at 66. That be said, not too long ago, a 70-year-old resident of India managed to give birth, too. Currently she is the oldest mom.

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