“Unimaginable Beauty”: What Cher looked like before her plastic surgery

“For me, it is another way to express myself!”

Many people remember the singer Cher from her later years, when she underwent quite a few plastic surgeries. The star’s appearance when she was young was completely different.

The artist’s actual name is Sherilyn Sarkisian, and she was open about her self-consciousnesses. She underwent so many surgical procedures in her quest for magnificence that she was nearly unrecognizable. Though the singer herself by no means disclosed the determine, journalists believed there to be no less than 50 of them.

WMJ claims that Cher underwent many circumferential lifts, rhinoplasty, and belly liposuction.

“For me, plastic surgery is a chance to point out everybody how I felt and at all times will really feel inside,” the star declared.

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